Product Branding


Selling products requires excellent photos. The  samples below demonstrate how I can help you feature your product and tell the story of your company. I can support all areas of marketing, whether on-line, in print, or otherwise. A single session generates multiple images to be used in a variety of settings. 


Nature Groupie is an organization that connects outdoor enthusiasts with volunteer opportunities focused on nature/land conservation projects throughout New England. They had recently developed their logo and put it on different clothing items, so they hired me to generate a range of marketing photos to highlight both their work and the clothing line.


New England's Finest produces a monthly subscription box filled with foods from New England based companies. Each month's box has a theme, and they needed seasonally relevant pictures on a monthly basis to showcase the contents in context to that theme, as well as convey a "sense of place"that was New England specific. 


Heather Anderson is an artist who designs and sells knitting patterns online. For each new pattern, she needs images to show her customers how the final product will look. We intentionally have her model them, so that the people that buy her patterns see how they hang when worn and connect with her as the designer. You can find more images of her work on the website, Ravelry.